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[TRANS] 110929 JYJ Say, “A Personal Attack On Lee Soo Man? That’s Just KBS’ Interpretation”

With JYJ’s ‘Pierrot’ deemed unsuitable and banned during KBS’ review of the group’s new album, JYJ’s representatives have stated, “This is unjust,” and are planning to submit a summons and request a retrial for the song.

KBS recently deemed ‘Pierrot’ unsuitable for broadcasting purposes and banned the song. The reason they gave was ‘Personal attack on an individual’. KBS has claimed that the word “P.S.M” in the song means ‘President Lee Soo Man’ and is therefore a personal attack on a specific individual.

Regarding this, JYJ’s side has stated, “This is unjust,” and has been taking immediate action. A representative of JYJ stated, “This is an arbitrary interpretation by KBS. They didn’t even ask us during their review if it was meant to be a personal attack on a specific individual,” and emphasized, “The lyrics were never written to target anyone.“

The representative continued to say, “In the case of SBS, they asked us ‘What does this word mean? Is it a swear word?’ during their review of the album,” and “All they needed to do was ask for a clarification if the meaning of a word is unclear, but they deemed their own interpretation as the truth and laid down such a verdict on the song, and we find is to be unjust.”

JYJ plan to submit a summons that explains the lyrics and the song’s theme and will then request a retrial for the song.

JYJ’s side explained, “Jaejoong, who wrote the lyrics, explained that, ‘Overall, the lyrics criticize society as a whole.’ Thy were never written target anyone.”

They also stated, “Recently, we have seen many new words that aren’t in a dictionary or don’t have a specific meaning come up in the lyrics of other songs and we believe that ‘P.S.M.’ is used in the sense of describing, ‘A director or master who controls others’.”

Source: [nocutnews]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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