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[NEWS] 111017 JYJ Japanese Concert - Rush Of 80,000 Fans; Traffic-Stopping Popularity Proven

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On 15 and 16 October, the group JYJ successfully held their solo concert (JYJ UNFORGETABLE LIVE CONCERT IN JAPAN 2011) at the Hitachi Kaihin Park in Japan over the course of these two days.

This concert, which was held over two days with one performance a day, gathered more than 80,000 fans, establishing proof of JYJ's popularity within Japan. This concert caused servers to go down when tickets went on sale and tickets were also sold out. The number of standing audience that turn up greatly exceeded the expectations of the organizers and the concert was a huge success.

Hitachi Kaihin Park, which was near the nuclear incident that took place after the Tohoku Earthquake in March this year, was flooded with tens of thousands of people since the morning, just to see JYJ. The train heading towards Hitachi Kaihin Park was so filled with JYJ fans that the train had to bypass train stations multiple times.

Moreover, cars gathering from all over the country since the morning caused traffic jams in the area. A concert official said, "We could feel their popularity as all the seating tickets were sold out, but even the standing tickets which exceeded 10,000 in availability were all sold out as well, so many of the officials were really astonished."

Since the start of their world tour in June this year, it has been 5 months since JYJ have stood on a stage in Japan and they received roaring applause as they performed title tracks from their worldwide album [The Beginning] and from their first Korean special album [In Heaven], as well as the OST song [Found You] for the KBS2 drama [Sungkyunkwan Scandal], the OST song [I'll Protect You] for SBS drama [Protect the Boss] and [You're So Beautiful] for the drama [Scent of a Woman].

JYJ said, "Although we can't meet everyone in Japan through broadcast appearances and performances, we will not give up and we will strive to work hard to create music" and "We are grateful for your constant love towards us. Henceforth we will be a JYJ that keeps growing." At this point, 40,000 fans had tears flowing down their cheeks as they shouted "It's all right JYJ!", as JYJ sang their last song [In Heaven] enthusiastically, to repay their fans' love.

Junsu's twin brother, singer Junho, visited the concert and following the close friendship with Jaejoong shown during Park Ji Sung's charity game, Japanese soccer player Miura Kazuyoshi's family attended as well, becoming hot topics of discussion.

JYJ's management agency C-JES Entertainment stated, "Although their activities in Japan were hindered by many difficulties, through today's solo concert, they could really feel the support and love that the many fans have towards JYJ. In future, they promise to visit regularly through concerts."

On the other hand, having completed their Japan tour, JYJ will be setting off for Europe. They will be continuing their solo concerts from Barcelona, Spain, on 29 October, as well as hold a concert in Berlin, Germany, which currently seems to be sold out.

Source: [enews24 + JYJ Japan]
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