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[TRANS] 111016 JYJ's Message During the 2nd Day of the Concert


T/N: due to the poor quality of the audio and the surrounding noise, there are words they said that I couldn’t catch.

YC: We had a concert yesterday, and we have one today too. There are words that the 3 of us want to tell you. We were having a talk amongst ourselves, saying that there are so many people who are waiting for us, yet is it difficult to have our activities in Japan… Isn’t it hard on you guys to wait for us like this?

Fans: It’s alright!!!

YC: Even if you say it’s alright, I know that it would a bit hard for you guys… I want to come back soon, I want to have activities in Japan soon…

Fans: We’ll be waiting for you!!!

YC: I… I really love Japan, I love Japan very dearly~ I love Japan so much that my mom even asked me, “How about a Japanese wife?” (Fans screamed) I really love you guys. Thank you very much!!!

JJ: Time like this is when it is the heaviest and the hardest on you guys, I wanted it to be a good time for you guys though… Well, because, things like this, as adults, we can’t say things like this from our own mouths, because they are very embarrassing. Uhm, even though the 3 of us are like little kids, we have our own pride as artists and musicians. We’re holding on the that pride on front of you guys, but because of the thought that we can’t have activities in Japan, that we can’t do anything about it, it makes us feel very lonely. It’s like a kid in front of an adult, how should I put this? I’ve put a lot of thoughts on how to say this in front of you guys, and I told myself to become honest in front of you.

Fans *clap *

JJ: It’s not something embarrassing anyway. From the time we had our debut in Japan, the time that we were singing in front of less than 100 audiences to this day when we are singing in front of all of you, you have always been looking over for us since the time we were young. Yesterday, I said something on Twitter…

Fans *scream *

JJ: After I tweeted that, a fan tweeted me back saying, “It’s alright, don’t worry~”, and I think that everyone here would also share the same thoughts as that fan. From now on, we won’t be worried anymore. The 3 of us, no matter whether we’re in Japan or somewhere else, won’t be worried anymore. We will keep holding on to these genuine feelings and do our best to sing and show you again. If we can do that, then even if it’s 10 years or 20 years later, we won’t be worried and will keep going. Please take care of us from now on.

Fans *clap *

JJ: Well then, it has come to the time for our last song

Fans: Eh~~~

JJ: That’s right, it went by quick didn’t it? We ourselves also think that 2 hours are way too short, but because the 3 of us don’t have enough songs *laughs * Well, haha, even if we can’t make it long this time, we will do our best to bring you another great concert here in Japan next time. Well then, I’d like to go to our last song of the day, “In Heaven”.

Source: Kanadepyon @ youtube
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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  1. thank u for sharing,i'm so proud of JYJ
    YCh want a "Japanese's wife".. girls you are so lucky
    "don't worry JYJ"we always keep the faith
    thank u again 4 sharing