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[TRANS] 110719 (Interview) Kim Jaejoong : “Choi Kang Hee Noona Says I’m 4-Dimensional”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has become an actor, and is ready to take on the domestic tv screens. Kim Jaejoong will be participating in the drama that takes over the slot of “City Hunter” starting on 3 August, and although he had acted in Japan with “Sunao Ni Narenakute,” this is his first acting attempt challenging a Korean drama.

Acting Senior Yoochun, instead of advice, just relax.

In “Protect the Boss,” Jaejoong plays the role of Director Cha Mu Won who is called the “Prince of the Financial World,” and is the cousin of “Cha Ji Hyun” played by actor Ji Sung, and the two men end up battling it out for rights to manage the company. Kim Jaejoong said, “After being selected for a role in “Protect the Boss,” the happiest thing is the fact that I’m a member of JYJ. Recently, when I met Yoochun at the salon, we started talking about our current situations. It so happens that Yoochun is playing the role of Director Song Yoo Hyun in MBC’s “Miss Ripley,” and we’re both playing directors, so Yoochun greets me with “Director Cha, how are you, I’m Director Song” or “It’s been a while, the newly appointed Director Cha (Laughs)” I also cannot get much sleep at night so it feels very tiring, so I was advised to take care of myself.

Stamina management is a very important aspect for drama actors, and Kim Jaejoong has also become very passionate about the “Gongjindan (A Korean supplement),” which has gained popularity due to the drama “Greatest Love.” He said, “I’ve always been eating the supplements given to me by fans, and I heard that they are rather expensive, and that you will feel your body condition becoming better after taking them.”

Large gatherings have been held, and the atmosphere is great!

“Although it is still in the early stages of filming, there has been no issues between the actors so far. Ji Sung had even personally organised an MT for the team of “Protect the Boss,” and the atmosphere was very good. The staff and cast exchanged phone numbers with the staff and cast, and have become closer to one another. After the MT, everyone kept in contact via text-messaging. During the MT, I also slept on the same bed as Ji Sung wearing only my underwear. Choi Kang Hee noona often says to me, “Jaejoong-sshi you’re really 4-dimensional” and I reply “Oh? Really?”" (Laughs)

“Despite being the maknae of the cast, the role of mood maker is actually handled by Ji Sung hyung. “From the first script reading, Ji Sung hyung has been providing an enjoyable atmosphere.” Seniors Cha Hwa Yeon and Park Yong Gyu are also constantly giving me advice, so I am really thankful. We have been working in an enjoyable environment all this while.”

Ideal Type? I prefer No Eun Seol to Seo Na Yoon!

In “Protect the Boss,” Kim Jaejoong gets along very well with No Eun Sol (played by Choi Kang Hee) and Seo Na Yoon (played by Wang Ji Hae.) So in reality, which of the two is Kim Jaejoong’s ideal type? “No Eun Sol’s character is loud and she often makes all sorts of mistakes, and Na Yoon is ambitious and proud. If I have to pick between the two, I guess Eun Sol would be closer to my ideal type. A woman who is ambitious and possessive like Na Yoon would be tiring to be with, but of course, if I could piece the two (of them) together, it would be best.”

His requirement for his ideal type is firstly “a girl who gives a good feeling on first sight.” “When I was younger, I became totally obssessed with the drama “Women’s World,” so actresses Kang Soo Yeon and Jeon In Hwa who acted in the drama were previously my ideal types. And so far, there hasn’t been a big change.”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + SportsChosun]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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