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[TRANS] 110720 JYJ Kim Junsu & Super Junior Eunhyuk's Strong Friendship Through Twitter

On June 19, Eunhyuk sent a message to Junsu on twitter saying, "Ya, when can we meet again? The last time we ate you treated, then this time you can treat again. Let's quickly meet up!" In response, Junsu replied, "Kid, why do you make me treat every time we meet~ from now on you should start treating."

Later, Eunhyuk sent another message, "How can you speak like that to Hyungnim (me)~ you should think that going out to eat with hyungnim is an honor." To which Junsu said, "Tsk tsk tsk, our child has lost his senses.. T T"

Ever since elementary school until their debut, their close friendship in the entertainment circle is widely known. Through their recent meetings and conversations on Twitter, netizens have expressed, "Finally some news on those two meeting up, " "So they still keep in contact ah," "It feels so warm, " "They really are good friends," etc.

In addition, the cancellation of JYJ's appearance on KBS Jeju Island "The Seven Wonders" special episode has ensued JYJ's side to turn to the law process, while Super Junior's comeback date has been confirmed with Eunhyuk's concept photo released earlier today.

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