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[TRANS] 111020 KBS’ Change Of Words That Tricked JYJ [Lee Seung Rok's Compass]

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Another week has gone by with JYJ’s appearance on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ falling through.

According to the Korea Communications Commission, KBS has stated that they have kept their former stance regarding JYJ’s appearance on ‘Music Bank’ that, “Appearing on broadcasted programs may affect the outcome of celebrities’ lawsuits, and we will continue to review the possibility of JYJ’s appearance on the show as we keep an eye on the situation,” and also stated, “We have not changed our stance that as the group is currently involved in many lawsuits regarding the results of their injunction, the validity of their exclusive contract and compensation, we will continue to postpone their appearance and keep an eye on the situation till the final verdict is made, regardless of the outcome of their injunction lawsuit.“

They then added, “Though the situation keeps changing with the content of their injunction and release of their album, there is still a lawsuit going on between SM and JYJ, and as the courts have not made their verdict on the issue, the staff of ‘Music Bank’ have not changed their stance on the issue.”

But in May of this year, KBS released an official statement that is slightly different from the one they produced recently. At the time, KBS stated, “According to the staff’s criteria that an appearance is decided upon only after the release of an album, JYJ are not qualified to appear on ‘Music Bank’ as they have not released an album since the courts made a verdict on the 17th of February,” and “The selection of appearances lies solely in the staff’s decision and they will further discuss the possibility of JYJ appearing on the show after JYJ have released an album.”

As JYJ have been unable to appear on a single music program since they split from TVXQ, JYJ and their fans found hope in the official statement of ‘Music Bank’. And when JYJ released their first Korean album ‘In Heaven’ in September, many focused their attention on whether JYJ would be able to appear on ‘Music Bank’ or not.

It’s been over a month since the audio files of ‘In Heaven’ were released and not only have JYJ not received a single invitation to appear on a music program, but even ‘Music Bank’, on whom many had placed their hopes, completely changed their stance and have become the target of JYJ and their fans’ disappointment. With KBS’ ridiculous change of heart coming to light, it makes one wonder if they ever even considered allowing JYJ to appear on ‘Music Bank’ in the first place.

What’s most difficult to comprehend is the fact that JYJ’s name can’t even be found on the show’s ‘K-Chart’, which focuses more on objectivity than most other music programs as it takes into consideration digital audio file downloads, album sales, number of times a song is broadcasted and public preference.

Even if JYJ were unable to appear on the show like KBS stated, they should at least be included in the ‘K-Chart’ and be able to compete with other singers. Allowing a singer to appear on a show and having that singer’s music included in music charts are two completely different issues. If KBS did not allow JYJ to appear on ‘Music Bank’, even if they were to grab the number one spot on the ‘K-Chart’, this wouldn’t clash with KBS’ current stance. The fact that the group isn’t even considered on the charts is only deepening their fans’ suspicions.

Regarding KBS’ official statement, JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “KBS must show proof that they are making the decision on JYJ’s appearance with the same criteria that they are using for all celebrities who are currently appearing on their programs,” and “If KBS respects the verdict made by the courts, we believe it is only right for KBS to take full responsibility in ensuring that they stay fair and execute the courts’ verdict that guarantees JYJ unrestrained independent activities.”

KBS and JYJ’s disputes continue to pile up with KBS’s surprise cancellation of JYJ’s performance in the ‘Jeju 7 Natural Wonders of the World Special’ and KBS’ unjust review of ‘Pierrot’. But a large portion of the public refuses to accept the current situation of JYJ being unable to appear on music programs. JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun, who are unable to appear on ‘Music Bank’ due to their lawsuit with SM, is currently hitting it big through dramas and musicals. It’s quite ironic, really.

Source: [MyDaily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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