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[TRANS] 111020 Wang Ji Hae Talks About Kim Jaejoong In Her Latest Interview

T/N: The title of the article has been changed to be more relevant to the members.

Though it’s been a month since SBS’ ‘Protect the Boss’ has handed, it is still fresh in the minds of its viewers. It’s because the drama gave us such fun and interesting characters such as No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee), who has nothing but still speaks her mind, Cha Ji Hun (Ji Sung), the perfect chaebol who stimulates our maternal instincts, and Cha Mu Won (Kim Jaejoong), the cold yet caring perfect guy.

Though she first appeared as the bad girl who bullies No Eun Seol, Seo Na Yoon later became a key element of the drama’s success with her bubbly nature. The reason why the Na Yoon-Mu Won couple gained as such support as the Eun Seol- Ji Hun couple cannot solely be because of Kim Jaejoong’s popularity.

It is because Wang Ji Hae, who has taken on many roles as a femme fatale and ‘ChaDoNyeo’ with her sophisticated city look till now, decided to do whatever she could to be comical and cute.

When asked if she was content with her own unique portrayal of a bad girl in ‘Protect the Boss’, Wang Ji Hae said, “I was surprised and happy that people liked what I did. I can’t say that I’m content with what I did. Because I received such a great response, I began to feel a sense of greed to do better, so I feel slightly disappointed. There were times when that greed would ruin it. I tried hard not to be calculating as I played my part.”

Next is our Q&A session with her.


-Your partner was from the popular group JYJ, did you feel pressured about the more affectionate scenes?

▶At first, I did feel pressured, but later on, I didn’t have much time to think about it because I was so busy. I wanted to finish filming the scenes in one take, so I didn’t feel that much pressure when he had to film a scene a second time. At times when I was rewatching the footage, I thought people might not like some of the scenes because I was too enthusiastic but we were able to finish everything without any problems.”

-How was Kim Jaejoong?

▶If Kim Jaejoong had felt like a member of JYJ, then I might have been nervous but because he took on his role as Kim Jaejoong, the rookie actor, I didn’t feel too nervous. He’s honest, easygoing, and true to himself and to others. He’s very considerate of others, he takes care of the staff members and he has a heart that is willing embrace everything, which might come from his years of experience in the entertainment industry. I called him Mu Won and we were at ease with each other as we acted out our scenes. We would share ideas and run lines so we had great chemistry together.

-The members of JYJ came and bought everyone lunch.

▶When they brought us all a buffet, I ate with gusto. It was just one meal but it was something that gave all our staff members great strength. I haven’t done any events for staff members before so I’d like to give it a go in the future.

-Did you ad-lib at times?

▶We did in the last scene where we measured my height and said, “Let’s see how much you’ve grown?” I think the scene went smoothly because we really got into the characters of Mu Won and Na Yoon. Lots of people told me that they could relate to the scene.

-In real life, would you pick Ji Sung or Kim Jaejoong?

▶I think I would pick Ji Hun as a boyfriend and Mu Won as someone I’d want to marry. I like guys who can take care of me because I do get a bit flustered. But I’ve always wanted to share a pure and cozy love with someone.

-Lee Minho, Hyun Bin and Kim Jaejoong, you seem to have a lot of luck when it comes to men?

▶I must have done something good in my past life. Though I haven’t had much luck in terms of popularity, I do think I’m lucky when it comes to coworkers and productions. They were all great. Usually, you come across actors who are selfish and want to stand out but none of them were like that. I was able to act well and share my troubles and concerns with all of them.


Source: [star news mk]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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